I wonder why, when times are wry,
The little things grate and rub?

For when the word is clear
And the world feels very near
Friendships can become so dear.

I wonder what the world forgot,
In passing by the charm and grace?

For when the word has care
And the world is full and fair
Friendships have great flair.

I wonder then, but rather when,
What will become of us and them?

For when the word is right
And the world is free of fright
Friendships establish clear might.

I wonder how the thinking now
In reading on, has changed and gone?

For when the word is truth
And the world is less uncouth
Friends shout it from the roof.




David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2016) The Poet, The Prisoner and The Fool. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. I WONDER WHY. Page Number 11.


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