To have creation’s inmost power
Resounding through my mind!
A shape of things, in vivid flower,
Issue from my hand!

My touch uncertain, stammering speech,
But now resolve beget;
I feel, I know you, in my reach,
Nature, I’ll have you yet.

Still, down the years my mind has shed
Some of it’s trammelings;
Where once all parched a heathland spread
Flow now delightful springs;

Nature, that thought, and then I long
Truly to feel you near;
Your thousand flutes I’ll be among,
Your fountain I shall hear;

Lift to the light you surely will
All faculties of  mine,
Out of this straited life distil
A sense defeating time.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Germany – (1789 - 1832)

Goethe. J.W. von (1994) Selected Poems (Goethe: The Collected Works, Vol. 1). Princeton University Press, Princeton. AN ARTIST'S EVENING SONG. Page Number 45.

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