Sat within our tomb of frustration
There lies nestled a motivation of birth;
A flowering of the possible in-between
The individual passionate endeavour.
Our hidden aesthetic love of uniformity
Seeks out the voice of collective quest.
In speaking the words of my voice
The parochial and trained words destroy,
But momentarily, the escape of joining.
Your flower of spirit attempts a gathering,
Again the multiplicity defies collective.
Hours of gathering struggle to find it.

To speak of the space of our formality,
Of our gatherings, the words blame us all.
Some feel the power to continue,
Others destroy the possibility fore-ever.
In our mesmerising and memorised talk
The moment of discovery seems distant,
Never present, always in the making,
Steeped in the smell of anxiety:
The pointlessness of being, ever present,
Drives towards an ego based speaking.
Individuation of the aesthetic love of uniformity
Leaves us in the momentary stuck-ness.

The pulsation of a liquid structure-less whole
Profoundly stirs imagination, but requires
The leave behind, for moments, of selfhood
Allowing the emergence of the collective:
The discovery of uniformity in words,
A possibility of a new named thing,
Become the possibility before us:
Joint discovery of an aesthetic love
Binds us fore-ever in a present moment,
A flowing of words born before us.
Together we see the beauty of our words
Knowing they speak collective understanding.

In our hum-drum every day ways,
Our coming together in usual forms,
How often do these poetic moments of birth
Play upon our consciousness and stand out
Beyond the internal voice of frustrations?
How often does the playfulness of groups
Find the spirit of a revolutionaries voice,
Capturing that moment fore-ever in simple words.
If you cannot find in your heart a clear moment
Then you are not awake to the aesthetic beauty
That togetherness bring in our daily living:
The monotony may have taken you over – fore-ever?



David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2016) The Poet, The Prisoner and The Fool. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. AESTHETIC UNIFORMITY: BEAUTY BEHELD. Page Number 17.


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