RERUM NOVARUM CUPIDUM (Remain unbiased and curious)


Staying open to another’s possibilities,
Expressed in their words of expertise,
Engages the dream space between us.
Seeing beyond ‘Idolatry’, through to
‘She who must be obeyed’, and onwards
To the movement of our togetherness
Requires inhuman courage:
A willingness to be within
Another’s inspace home.

Existing on the edge of selfhood,
Fearlessly facing-off the darkness,
Is the continuous journey of but a few:
Never ending movement between
Our inspace and the outpace home.
Sensing and seeing our connections,
In the building and destroying of ego,
Requires a rationalising of the she love:
Opening up to a becoming home.

Keeping at bay the critical shadow,
Whilst listening to the dimorphic other –
A sharpened tag-team devoid of pity –
Will lead to madness or harmony.
Entering into the world unbiased and curious
Is essential to the mad and humane.
Deciding the outcome for each moment
Requires careful fearful disarray,
Our home always in the making.


David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2016) The Poet, The Prisoner and The Fool. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. RERUM NOVARUM CUPIDUM (Remain unbiased and curious). Page Number 15.


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