IMMERSION – विसर्जन

The Moon opens her long black curls
Washing him away with precious lamps,
Spring used to say, to free her blossom,
– Release value with nectars sweet stamp;
Your space for sweet compassion,
Used to weave so many day dreams
With the smile on your lips now gone
All that is left are bitter sweet schemes;
The crazy frozen winds were blowing
Garlanded with dew, particles of dust;
During that time, you came each day
To teach me the music of our lost lust
How many days have passed since then?
How many lamps have reached peace!
I could not learn to sing your song,
Mind-blown in presence, now released,
Remembering our tune was beyond me
Fumbling I never found your full take
But you were my God of forgiveness,
Loving me for each carefree mistake!
I cannot sing anymore of my God!
With my tired fingers and loose poise
I try to play a gifted harp into the world
But please forgive the unclear noise!


Varma. M (2018) Neehar, Translated by Parul Singhal & David Scanlon. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. IMMERSION - विसर्जन. Page Number 1.


David Scanlon
(1963 – )


Parul Singhal
(1984 – )

निशा की, धो देता राकेश
चाँदनी में जब अलकें खोल,
कली से कहता था मधुमास
बता दो मधुमदिरा का मोल;

बिछाती थी सपनों के जाल
तुम्हारी वह करुणा की कोर,
गई वह अधरों की मुस्कान
मुझे मधुमय पीडा़ में बोर;

झटक जाता था पागल वात
धूलि में तुहिन कणों के हार;
सिखाने जीवन का संगीत
तभी तुम आये थे इस पार!

गये तब से कितने युग बीत
हुए कितने दीपक निर्वाण!
नहीं पर मैंने पाया सीख
तुम्हारा सा मनमोहन गान।

भूलती थी मैं सीखे राग
बिछलते थे कर बारम्बार,
तुम्हें तब आता था करुणेश!
उन्हीं मेरी भूलों पर प्यार!

नहीं अब गाया जाता देव!
थकी अँगुली हैं ढी़ले तार
विश्ववीणा में अपनी आज
मिला लो यह अस्फुट झंकार!

Mahadevi Varma
(1907 – 1987)

Varma. M (1930) Neehar (नीहार). Gandhi Hindi Pustak Bhandar, Prayag, India. विसर्जन  Page Number 1.

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