A foolish poet will always try to see
What the world has possibilities to be;
With the reality of cautious seeing eyes
The different realities rarely give surprise.
In finding words that bring truth to pain
Ripped apart there may always be a gain.

If we can find the ways to carefully speak
    In ways that cherish and respect the weak.
If we can humbly find humane ways to act
    When faced with evil’s hand and not react.
If we can touch another and call them friend
    Though different ways may shape and bend.
If we can talk with love to those we hate
    Walking with care through a neighbours gate.
If we can find time to visit with the needy
    And  just for a moment become less greedy.
If we can try harder to sit in an-others shoes
    Carefully knowing that they are here to bruise.

If our core humanity, shaped in rooted beliefs,
    Can move beyond and help us build some relief.
If our politicians remember who the serve
    And in challenging times hold onto their nerve.
If those with the most could share a little more
    To ease the burden and build a stronger core.
If companies eagerness to reduce their costs
    Could be balanced more and see what is lost.
If the true religious spirit can raise and renew
    Finding ways to support and transform the few.
If science can stop pretending to be truth
    Opening a way for other’s to be under its roof.
If poets and philosophers could find a new way
    Reaching back for the wisdom needed today.

When all said and done, we are the ones,
Who choose our own path, life is our graph,
No-one can stop, the growth to the top.
For our humane acts, which always attract
The best and worst, new dogmas to burst,
Is our gift to the world, explored and unfurled.

We are the ones who choose how we speak
So act and speak differently this and all weeks.



David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2018) Poetry for Business : Continuing Conversations. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. IF. Page Number 47.

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