In the summer sun and radiant glow
You will come together with a flow
Of heart-full flowers and gossamer wings
To blend your hearts and share your rings.

New England born again in radiant smiles
Draws your friends from many a mile,
Together they weep emotions high
As your presence touches them: oh how they fly.

With all the attention focused on you
Please consider that moments hue
And bask in attentions fullest pride
As you stand before them; the glorious bride.

The tension of those emotions shared
Will mean that you may well feel bared,
Amongst your friends who know you well
No judgement but a bewitching spell.

The ceremony over, the tension released
A party to begin and behold, what a feast;
In the decked out splendour of Berkshire Hall
The mission Joyous revelry to install.

To share this day seems gift indeed
For all who take time to heed
The fleeting moments of arresting space
Surrounding such a hallowed place.

I’m sorry that I cannot share your day
But in writing this I have visioned my stay
And felt the emotions of a great friends peace
As she engages her friends with ease.

So forget that I will not be there
As in spirit I am longing to share.
I raise my glass in salute of the great
Live long in joy in your marriage estate.

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