Silence is what some may seek
But for others it makes the meek,
When power is what drives the day
Beyond this place there is a way!
Yet in looking for the truth at home
There are times when we will bemoan
The world beyond with all the tricks
Which disguises all, built in our bricks,
Ones which both hold and make free
A silence which lies deep within me.

Learning to fully live and be at one
Was never going to be much fun:
The tricks and turns of every voice
Found disguises in every choice.
Every way that opened new doors
Man-holes ahead within the floors.
It required another to join the way,
Her voice was never that far away.
Once heard in all her loving tones
There was no road and no stones:
In the movement of the every day
She helped me see, hear and stay.

I no longer runaway and seek
For those are the ways of the meek,
With all her power I’ve found a way
To live in this place every single day!
In finding her truth, always here,
I am no longer driven by his fear.
Within the world of love I now exist;
The bricks and tricks, why resist?
Freedom comes with her clear care
And with her strength I now dare.

Being at one with this living fun,
Love found in the words of Donne,
Is to go far beyond love’s choice,
A making and becoming – Rejoice!
Words of those before us stores
A love of just being here: it’s yours!
Without other desires in the way.
We have found the one true ray –
Oneness in love is in our bones
Surviving all the sticks and stones –
Everything was always at one
Beyond the time of those who run.

David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2018) Speak of Love: Continuing Conversations. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. THE LAST WORDS OF LOVE. Page Number 99.

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