I live seeing in a constant movement
Because the restless never rest
Endlessly seeking for the elusive,
The enchanted, the harmonic
Wordless melodies that she
Teasingly unveils.

Through her I am endlessly reborn
Because the music always plays
Endlessly seeking for the fools,
Their unconscious, their dreams
With words and melodies that she
Constantly unveils.

In seeing and hearing and speaking,
Because the thoughts never rest –
Endlessly unveils our possibilities,
Our connectedness, our desires
When we are living within our world:
Work is revealed.

Seeing and hearing and speaking –
Because the words never rest –
Endlessly unveils her innocence,
Her perfection, her truthfulness
For through her eternal presence
Love is revealed.

Living in our every-day goings on,
Because the music always plays –
Comes at a cost as in hearing us speak,
Seeing simple joys, listening to the pain –
Within our truthful scientific world,
We are revealed.

Finding every-day poetic moments,
Because the restless never rest,
Comes at a cost for the seeing poet,
The trapped prisoner, the idealistic fool,
For she speaks of our imperfections:
Humanity revealed.

Seeing and hearing and speaking
Because her love never rests,
Comes with a joy for the seeing poet,
The free spirit, the realistic grafter,
For she has revealed the truth:
Endless movement.

Moving and seeing and being,
Because her truth never rests,
Comes with a joining beyond the body,
Beyond thinking, beyond knowledge,
Where I live in moments:
Poetry revealed.


David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2018) The Poetry of Life: Seeing Again. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. POETRY REVEALED. Page Number 7.

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