Heaven in our world can start, clearly seen in her heart;
Opening each new petal reveals another scent
When the filled soul is content
And eternal love plays her part.

In the euphoria of our world, her happiness is unfurled,
And finds ways to relieve each moment suffered;
Blessed are her new ways offered,
Words are from her sweet lips hurled.

Within our world there is a hell, in her heart we can tell;
Seduced our rational brain, with all his desires,
Pushes us to those dark pyres –
Blind man’s hell, within his own shell!

David Scanlon
(1963 – )

Parul Singhal
(1984 – )

Pant. S. (2018) Collected Poems: New Translations. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. SHE. Page Number 32.


यदि स्वर्ग कहीं है पृथ्वी पर, तो वह नारी उर के भीतर,
दल पर दल खोल हृदय के अस्तर
जब बिठलाती प्रसन्न होकर
वह अमर प्रणय के शतदल पर!

मादकता जग में कहीं अगर, वह नारी अधरों में सुखकर,
क्षण में प्राणों की पीड़ा हर,
नव जीवन का दे सकती वर
वह अधरों पर धर मदिराधर।

यदि कहीं नरक है इस भू पर, तो वह भी नारी के अन्दर,
वासनावर्त में डाल प्रखर
वह अंध गर्त में चिर दुस्तर
नर को ढकेल सकती सत्वर!

Sumitranandan Pant- India – (1900 – 1970)

Pant, S. (1940) Gramya.Bharati Bhandar:Allahabad. (स्त्रीे)

Work is protected by copyright but all attempts to seek permissions from family and publishers have failed.  The original poem is shared under fair use principles.  If copyright owners contact me I will seek permissions for use or remove as instructed.

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