Then, before dusk, waiting for her to come,
Life seemed to be hanging in the balance
With that honour, that youth, that freedom
That her visits dancing tune enhance.

And then she came. Stretching out before me
Carefully she looked at me watching my eyes
And I said to her “Did you dictate Dante’s
Pages of hell?” And she said “Yes it was I.”

David Scanlon – England – (1963 – )

Akhmatova, A. (2018) Collected Poems: New Translations. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. MUSE. Page Number 48.


Когда я ночыо жду ее прнхода,
Жнзнь, кажется, висит волоске.
Что почести, что юность, что свобода
Пред милой гостьей с дудочкой в руке.

И вот вошла. Откинув покрывало,
Внимательно взглянула на меня
Ей говорю “Ты ль Данте диктовала
Страницы Ада?” Отвечает. “Я.”

Anna Akhmatova – Russia – (1889 – 1966)

Akhmatova, A. (1962)[1924], “Poetry“, Volume 98, Number 6 – Sept 1962 (МУЗЕ)

Work is protected by copyright but all attempts to seek permissions from family and publishers have failed. The original poem is shared under fair use principles. If copyright owners contact me I will seek permissions for use or remove as instructed.

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