PRIVACY UPDATE OCTOBER 2019.  I found I had written a poem as a privacy statement, which I have now completed and added.  Nothing legal just simple words; enjoy! BACK TO THE PURPOSE! With this site I will bring together various writings, quotes, and poems that interest me and that draw together the themes of my writing.  Rather than write in a conventional way I want to use this site to draw together all the themes of my writing into one full integrated whole. “PRIVACY UPDATE JUNE 2019.  I have removed and deleted all names except authors.  I have also removed ability to subscribe and deleted all subscribers.  I already have all my friends e-mails and other means of sharing poems.”

It will be writing in it’s transparent rawness: at times incoherent how the threads hang together (like life), at times flowing and fully formed (like life).  Technology will aid it’s transparent form, which will also emerge with the writing. DEC 2017 UPDATE – ALL QUOTES AND POEMS WHICH REQUIRE PERMISSIONS FOR USE ARE NOW PASSWORD PROTECTED.  “Lawful behaviour is a lot more time consuming that reckless disregard.”  I now choose Lawful behaviour out of respect for my inspiring friends: the material will now only be available once appropriate permissions are approved or the material is available for free use.

All materials drawn together in this site have build upon, have shaped, may become a part of the final form that my writing takes.  All materials referenced come from books I have bought and read, web-articles which I have come across, and the many other disparate sources of inspiration.  The nature of the technical form requires that all relevant articles and passages are recreated directly here, so showing the influences shaping the writing.  This is for research purposes and is to aid a transparency in how the whole work comes together.  I do respect all copyrights and reference any reader to the original source.  The site is my writing tool, it is not for commercial gain: I will accept no advertising, however seductive.

Inspired by the many writing heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa, who only his friends knew of, the writing captured here is that of the Foolish Poet.  The aim of the Foolish Poet is to find a way of speaking into the world that talks of it’s truthfulness, his truthfulness: to come any where near that of Fernando Pessoa is but a dream.  This aim was updated when the Foolish Poet become a named poet, David Scanlon.

A secondary aim, the site’s original aim, is to share poems with friends.  All the poems of the Foolish Poet (David Scanlon) were inspired by particular conversations, events, points in time which involved other people, my true inspiration: without our togetherness, good and bad, this poet is a useless vessel.  The poems are therefore not mine but belong to those who inspired them.  I never intended to make the poems public, until I found this approach.  It was at the request of my co-creators that this site was made (And all subsequent actions, including the creation of ‘The Foolish Poet Press”).

Now as a publisher I choose to openly share Poems, whilst holding my rights to own the copyrights of all materials.  As a writer I fully respect other writers choices to publish in different ways.  In respect for other writers, who have influenced my writing (who I call friends), I will be lawful and respectful of rights owners.  Only materials for which I have received explicit permissions will be freely available, all other other materials will only be available with a password (so not in the public domain).  The password is not shared with anyone.  The site was fully updated to reflect this decision Dec 2017.

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