Tracking through emotional tangles –
When the weight of life’s pointedness
Presses upon our feeble humanity –
Can destroy nourished friendships
During our ongoing togetherful work.
Friendships sustained in joyous resilience,
Marked by ever moving conversations
Stop in amazement as stuckness appears.
Wallowing together, seeking the exit,
The way is clear for those with sight.
Time and self-honesty destroyed
How fair is a friends path-seeking
In the darkness of a future un-predicted?
Hearing the clarity of care spoken
Provides only further waywardness.
Going on together in spite of ‘it’,
Finding the road beyond the tangles,
Beyond the immediacy of rawness,
Will bring tomorrows promised land
With a resurgence of that which was lost.
In the darkest of light beauty shines;
Seen in the trueness of friendship
A beacon points a way to a healing.
Hidden in the desire to work forward
A feeling of desperation hides ‘it.’
Listening, not to the words I hear,
There is a care and nourishment to sustain.
Sitting with the non-words, in reflection,
The darkness is lifted and ‘it’ passes.
Friendship not time is the true healer.



David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2017) Poetry for Business : Continuing Conversations. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. THE TRUE HEALER. Page Number 89.

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