Reaching beyond yourself to find another
Requires a courage to face the fear of rejection.
In taking a leap of faith into the unknown,
Which can bring joy and hurt in equal measure,
Distinguishes us from the world around us.

In the changing conversations we face our fear:
Our choice is to grasp the fear and trust another
Or find solace in our anger and wallow in pity.
These choices touch every waking conversation,
Distinguishing us from the world around us.

When enough people take the path of courage,
Finding themselves through each others presence,
Then possibilities are boundlessly available.
It is in accepting that to trust I must go first
That distinguishes me from the world around me.



David Scanlon – England – (1963 - )

Scanlon. D (2018) Poetry for Business : Continuing Conversations. The Foolish Poet Press, Wilmslow, England. REACHING BEYOND. Page Number 34.

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